It's Even More Fun With Enemies!

DEVLOG - 007

These weeks I worked on a lot of things:

  • Giavapps logo screen and animation (you can find some more info about the work I did here).
  • Colorful Dino logo and animation (I added this silently everywhere... ).
  • Integrating the Itch API for User Authentication and DRM system in the game (if you want to know more about the work I've done on this a month ago and why I chose to distribute via Itch look here).
  • Composing the Second Music for the game.
  • Developing first enemies and their AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the game looks even more fun!
  • Connecting almost all of the Game Stage mechanics (you know... You Win, You Lose, Game Over, Calculation of Scores and so on... ). Still not sure if I'm going to include the Continue? Screen in the first Early Access version, since I'm now focusing on developing the Key Features for having a Playable Build, in this way you guys can start playing to the game and I can start make some Coins for justifying the huge amount of time spent developing this game!

I hope you guys will Give Your Support so I will be able to continue working full time on the project, I will be able to make more games and I will be able to deliver more Giavapps projects!

How The Game Works!


The time has come to explain what that Hidden Door is!

The aim of the game is to Collect or more correctly Change Color to all the Platforms present in the Game Stage!

Once you have collected all the platforms the Hidden Door is revealed!

Just Open The Door to Win and proceed to the next Game Stage!

Simple as that, but to make things even more fun I implemented that you need to have the same color as the door to open it!

In this way you can challenge with the 2nd Player to open it!

Just for the sake of earning a few Extra Points, of course!

The Evil Dinos, The "Bad Guys"


The Evil Dinos are transforming the Colorful Dino World into a dark Gray land... our Colorful Dinos will have to prevent this!

Yes! Because Gray Is Ugly!

To make things more fun I have implemented that Anyone Can "Kill" Anyone: so no one is sorry!

And it's always fun to see how the enemies accidentally hit themselves! haha

But the very important thing guys: remember that...

It is not important to Score The Best...

It's not important to Win or Lose ...

The important thing is to Kill Them All! ahah


And... Having Fun!

I hope you enjoyed the new features...

And that's it for now!

Get in touch on Discord to find out more!

Stay tuned!

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QUICK UPDATE: In the latest version I also improved that Star Burst particle effect ... I didn't like that kind of Randomness in particle generation from the beginning (but I had to focus on more important things first) and as you can see in the last few frames we sometimes get weird results with that method... so now the particles are generated in order to get a Perfect Circular Burst Of Stars on each Burst!