Colorful Dino is now also available on Android... for FREE!

DEVLOG - 012

The title says it all guys...

Colorful Dino is now available on Android and distributed for FREE via Google Play!

Doing this port wasn't easy guys... I faced various difficulties such as:

  • Making the game work and look Pixel Perfect on any device resolution: the required minimum is 640x360 but the game could still be playable in lower resolutions too.
  • Rethinking the Input System to work in conjuction with the UI Controller Buttons used to control the Player on the device.
  • Designing a lot of icons for the APK, and make screenshots in different resolutions to meet all store requirements.
  • Integrate Google Play Games Services APIs...
  • And a lot more...

But... YES guys... I did it!

Now, let's talk a bit about what the differences are with the Desktop version of the game.


  • It is Free-To-Play, Ad-Supported and only supports 1 Player mode.
  • You have to watch an Ad in case you lose the game and decide to continue.
  • Includes support for Google Play Games Services for saving Scores online.
  • Includes Colorful UI Controller Buttons that will change color based on your Dino's color!


  • It is Paid, Ad-Free and supports 1 Player and 2 Players modes.
  • Includes support for Itch API for User Authentication and DRM (Digital Rights Management) system.
  • Includes support for Game Jolt Game API for saving Scores online.

There may be other differences but these are the main ones.

I really want to give everyone the opportunity to play the game!

I think that the Free-To-Play and Ad-Supported formula is a better compromise for everyone, especially in these tough times with COVID.

I did my best to put a Colorful Dino in your pocket...

If you have any issues with this specific version just let me know on Discord!

And that's it for now!


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QUICK UPDATE: Since you now have this Android version which is completely FREE, there is no reason for Colorful Dino (Demo) to exists so I just removed the installer from the Itch and Game Jolt websites. If you run the Demo version it won't work anymore and it will tell you that a New Version is available. The Demo version was a completely different project and keeping that project up to date with the latest bug fixes and features takes some time for me. As you know, I am a solo developer and I have to carefully decide where to put my efforts, so download the Mobile version on Google Play if you want to try or play the game!