Colorful Dino (Demo) is now available for download!

DEVLOG - 010

And yes! Now you have it!

Colorful Dino (Demo) is now available for download on both Itch and Game Jolt websites!

Colorful Dino (Demo) includes:
  • Almost all the features you find in the main version but with a few substantial differences.
  • Support for Itch API for User Authentication so an account is still required in order to play the game, but you won't need a Download Key (for more info you can read here).
  • Support for Game Jolt Game API for saving Scores online (for more info you can read here).
  • 4 Stages to try out.

Now you can try the game and maybe consider buying the main version which you can find at:

And that's it for now!

Get in touch on Discord to find out more!

Stay tuned!

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Since you now have the Android version which is completely FREE, there is no reason for Colorful Dino (Demo) to exists so I just removed the installer from the Itch and Game Jolt websites. If you run the Demo version it won't work anymore and it will tell you that a New Version is available. The Demo version was a completely different project and keeping that project up to date with the latest bug fixes and features takes some time for me. As you know, I am a solo developer and I have to carefully decide where to put my efforts, so download the Mobile version on Google Play if you want to try or play the game!