First Music And Sound Effects!

DEVLOG - 006

This week I worked mainly on the composition of the very First Music for the game and I also created a lot of Sound Effects, but before we start with an endless list of things I've done, this time I'd like to tell you a story:

I was born exactly 32 years ago on August 19, 1988... (and if you're wondering yes it's my birthday! )

1988 is also the year the Sega Genesis console was produced (by Sega of course! ) but I guess I was too young to play video games at that time.

However, I'm a big fan and a proud owner of a Sega Mega Drive II (which was first released in 1992 in Japan and then in the rest of the world) and when I said this game is heavily inspired by classic 90s video games I was not kidding and I really wanted to have That Sound in my game.

So I've been working hard to create and find the right sounds for the game, and yes, you can now hear a 30 second Preview of "Let's Go": the first song I composed for the game.

You can listen to it from the Colorful Dino page on Game Jolt website!

I hope you guys enjoy the work I've done!

Okay, now that the story is over I know you want to know why those objects are changing color in the game... right?

...but that's another story!

And that's it for now!

Get in touch on Discord to find out more!

Stay tuned!

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