Moving Platforms, Attachments, New Backgrounds and More!

DEVLOG - 004

This week I'm going to talk about some progress, additions and cool new features that I developed for Colorful Dino game in July:

  • New Backgrounds And New Background System: I added new backgrounds and now I also have more control over the customization of backgrounds with the New Background System I developed for easily changing the Color, the Direction, the Speed and the Background Image.
  • Moving Platforms: a platformer wouldn't be a platformer without Moving Platforms, right? I knew that, so I developed this feature since DEVLOG - 001 but I am only showing it to you now!
  • Attachment System: in this game I'm not using Tilesets since every single platform moves in the game: even the more static ones have a bump effect when the Player jumps on them. I thought it was a fun thing to have in the game, but I had to create some sort of Attachment System to let the other Environmental Elements, and Objects follow the movements of the platforms.
  • Environmental Elements: I also added those Weeds elements and support for Trees generated at run time so that I can decide how tall each tree can be in the game. There is room for more details such as moving weeds and other things like that, but for now I'm satisfied with the result!
  • Game Jolt Game API: I've been working on a more secure server-side implementation of the Game Jolt Game API for supporting online Scores and Trophies! In this way, I'm able to hide sensitive information from the client and I also have full control over every single API Request... for example since I will not use Data Storage API for this game I can just disable all the functionalities related to the Data Storage API directly from my server!
  • Itch API: I've been working on a server-side implementation of the Itch API for User Authentication and DRM (Digital Righs Management) system (as already explained in the previous post).
  • Hidden Doors: Which door? Did you see that? Well ... maybe we'll talk about it in another post!

And that's it for now!

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Stay tuned!

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