New Collectables and Effects!

DEVLOG - 002

These days I have worked on adding more Effects!

Basically I designed a Star Burst particle effect when the Player collects the item.

I also added new Collectables you find in the following list.


All values shown on this page are for demonstration purposes only and may differ in actual game!


  • APPLE: +50 Points
  • BANANA: +100 Points
  • MELON: +250 Points
  • CHERRY: +500 Points
  • GRAPES: +1000 Points
  • HEART: +1 Life
  • HOURGLASS: +15 Seconds

But, since the whole game is color driven, if you collect items of the same color as your Dino, you get a bonus:

And that's it for now!

Get in touch on Discord to find out more!

Stay tuned!

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