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Luigi, please provide some code to show how to change the patch on a channel with the original Fiavapps MIDI. Thank you.

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for the clarification about Giavapps MIDI.

I have had success sending note on and note off short messages on several channels, simultaneously.

And I see that it's possible to get the current instrument name with:


Which I assume "gets" the current instrument on the current bank on the current channel. But what I need to do is to "set" the current "channel", then "set" the current "instrument" (patch) then "set" the current instrument "bank". Much like drum instruments are selectable as "kits". Can you provide any code example to accomplish this?

And I guess that Giavapps MIDI works only for stand-alone, PC-Mac-Linus builds and not for WebGL builds because of the use of DLL's? I'm not a professional programmer, but it seems that my WebGL builds now fail after adding Giavapps MIDI and trying to open MIDI output devices and send MIDI data.

Thanks for your help, Luigi.

Avatar Guitar

Hi! It is something you can easily accomplish with Giavapps MIDI simply by learning the MIDI Protocol. Please note that I will not provide support on these types of questions, as your question is not closely related to the product. Also note that Giavapps MIDI 2 for GameMaker only works on Windows. Greetings, Luigi.

I purchased the older version on the Unity Asset Store. Should I get a refund from Unity and get the newer Giavapps MIDI 2 version on Is there a sample scene and a User Guide for either app? Thanks.

Bryan Dempsey

Hi Bryan! Absolutely not! Giavapps MIDI 2 is only for GameMaker Studio 2.3+! It is mainly just a port of the Unity version ... please also note that: I am distributing my plugins for Unity exclusively through the Unity Asset Store and Giavapps MIDI for Unity also supports macOS via the RtMidi implementation, so for now, you already have the best you can get! ;)

Thank you for that answer. But, I'm still waiting for an answer to my other question posted above this one: Can you provide a code example to show how to change the bank and the instrument on a given MIDI channel? Thanks.

Bryan Dempsey